Coronavirus Resource Kit

COVID-19 Coronavirus Messaging & Signage Templates For Your Dental Practice

Update: 3/20/2020
Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Closes Dental Offices

The Governor has required all dental practices be closed until May 18th in efforts to preserve medical supply for hospitals.
We're keeping a list of prominent links from the state and the CDC for your convenience.

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COVID-19 Coronavirus Messaging & Signage Templates For Your Dental Practice

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Messaging & Signage Templates for Your Dental Practice

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We all know this virus is scary for both your patients and your business. So we’ve assembled a kit of ready-to-use messages and signage templates that you can download, change, and customize for your practice.

There’s no catch here — These templates are FREE for you to use as you see fit.

Over the next few days, we’d like to follow up and see how these are working, or work with you to make them better.

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